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What we do

We offer IFRS 9 solutions to corporates and small FI’s. We assist our clients to calculate Expected Credit Losses (ECL’s) on all classes of financial assets.

How we do it
We provide ECL valuations using leading edge credit models. Through a combination of external and internally developed models we cover the full range of assets including receivables and loans to listed and unlisted companies and consumers, intercompany loans and guarantees. All solutions are provided on a robust platform avoiding the use of spreadsheets. Valuations are provided with documentation to facilitate reliance by internal and external auditors, audit committees and boards of directors.

We provide a comprehensive IFRS 9 ECL solution as a price that affordable for corporates and small and mid-sized FI’s.

 By leveraging off a templatised approach we can provide access to leading credit models and validated macroeconomic variables. We do not adopt a consulting approach but rather provide a sustainable solution to IFRS 9 compliance on a robust platform with a string focus on satisfying audit requirements.

To find out more about our IFRS 9 services, please click on the following link to the website of our specialist division i9 Partners www.i9partners.com.